2010 – in progress

Mixed media installation

archive of natural water samples, postal packages, recycled light bulbs, text, light, micro controller, sound

Special thanks to all who contributed to the archive. The collection is still in progress, to take part in the realisation of the Archive of 131 Seas, please follow the link for instructions.

The water extracts derive from a natural water source chosen by a collector amongst contacted people and organizations around the world. Sampled in an optional, clean container, the extracts are shipped to the artist by ordinary mail.


The archive (2010) consists of 73 light bulbs equally positioned in a horizontal timeline stretched across the walls. With each bulb displays a unique sample from the archive of water. Supplied with a hidden light source, the bulbs illuminate in reaction to the sound composition and various low frequencies in the exhibition space.


In a separate space are postal packages, letters, photographs and empty containers on display, which together with an archival register unfold the conveyor of the water samples origin. 


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