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2010 – (ongoing)

Mixed media installation

Archive of natural water samples, postal packages, found light bulbs, text, sound, light, micro-controller


Special thanks to all who contributes to the archive. To take part in the project, please follow the instructions link.

The water extracts derive from a natural water source chosen by a collector amongst contacted people and organisations around the world. Sampled in an optional, clean container, the extracts are shipped to the artist by ordinary mail.


In the exhibition from 2012, extracts from 73 water samples are displayed in used light bulbs that have been equally positioned in a horizontal line across three walls. Each bulb filled with one sample of water and supplied with a light source, the bulbs illuminate to the low frequencies played in the soundscape in the room.


In a separate chamber are the mailed packages, letters and photographs showed, which together with a record convey the history of the waters origin.

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