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Permanent artwork

Custom-made fine-grained sand of rock sample, hand-blown glass, acrylics, stainless steel, drawing

Commission for Hordaland County Council, Norway and curated by Åse Løvgren.


Special thanks to Øystein Jansen, Henriette Linge and Leif-Erik Pedersen of the department of Earth Science, University of Bergen.

'A Reflection, In a Rock' is a permanent public artwork for Tertnes VGS (a high school) in Norway that consists of three parts. 


The project is an examination of a grand erratic block of metamorphic gneiss that the artist came across in the adjacent forest next to the school. To date the rocks age and origin, a survey in collaboration with the research department of Earth Science (GEO) was conducted with the use of the scientific geological metods; rock-core drilling, thin section microscopy and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides.

In 'Half–Life', a rotatable hourglass with fine-grained sand is presented. The sand in the hourglass is handmade and derives from the core sample taken from the rock. The device has a running time of 6 hours (adjacent  to a day at school), and is installed next to a wall drawing of a "concordia diagram", a visual representation with the mean age of the rock.

Two of the artworks, 'Half–Life' and 'Cutting Zones', are placed inside the school and the third, ’Kaleidoscope’, can be found outdoor by the school’s driveway. 

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