Permanent site-specific artwork

thin section photomicrographs of rock sample, UV print on acrylic, stainless steel



Commissioned by Hordaland County Council, Norway. Special thanks to Øystein Jansen, Henriette Linge and Leif-Erik Pedersen of the department of Earth Science, University of Bergen.

A reflection, in a rock is a permanent public artwork for Tertnes vidaregåande skule (high school) in Bergen, Norway. The commission is a 3-part project that originates in a grand erratic block of metamorphic gneiss that Jonsson came across in the adjacent forest next to the school.


In collaboration with the research department of Earth Science (GEO) at the University of Bergen, a survey of dating the rocks age and origin are visualised through the geological metods of rock-core drilling, thin section microscopy and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides.

A reflection, in a rock presents the erratic block in the form of a kaleidoscopic outdoor sculpture and two wall-based indoor works. For the project, the rock has been transported from the forest and placed on the school yard where a core sample diagonally has been drilled out.


For "Kaleidoscope" the rock is presented on a foundation of cast colored concrete, equipped with an interior hexagon-shaped mirror piece with three smaller cavities, so as to create a kaleidoscope with an internal reflection of the stone that fuse with the view's larger perspective. The two art works inside the school consist of "Half–Life", a rotatable hourglass with fine-grained sand made out of the core sample from the rock. The hourglass, with its 6 hours running time, is installed in realtion to a wall drawing of a concordia diagram depicting the mean age calculation of the rock. On the top floor is "Cutting Zones" installed. A three-dimensional constellation consisting of multiple parts acrylic glass with UV printed thin section photomicrographs of the rock in a colour and depth interpretation of the geologic map of The Arc of Bergen.



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