Permanent artwork

Erratic block, stainless and austenitic steel, coloured concrete

Commission for Hordaland County Council, Norway and curated by Åse Løvgren.


Special thanks to Øystein Jansen, Henriette Linge and Leif-Erik Pedersen of the department of Earth Science, University of Bergen.

'A Reflection, In a Rock' is a permanent public artwork for Tertnes VGS (a high school) in Norway that consists of three parts. 


The project is an examination of a grand erratic block of metamorphic gneiss that the artist came across in the adjacent forest next to the school. To date the rocks age and origin, a survey in collaboration with the research department of Earth Science (GEO) was conducted with the use of the scientific geological metods; rock-core drilling, thin section microscopy and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides.

In ’Kaleidoscope’ this rock is presented as a sculpture where a core sample has been drilled out and replaced by a hexagon-shaped mirror – creating a kaleidoscope with an internal reflection of the stone.⁣

Two of the artworks, 'Half–Life' and 'Cutting Zones', are placed inside the school and the third, ’Kaleidoscope’, can be found outdoor by the school’s driveway.