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Mixed media installation

Strange loop machine, 16 mm film, objects, drawings


Developed with the supported of the City of Bergen and the Arts Council Norway.

“Citando Dorr (1969), and Dos Santos (2010) describes the Iron Quadrangle as "an island" composed of metamorphosed folded layers, imbedded in a sea of ​​granite-gneiss rocks, deposited South of the Serra do Espinhaço, which merely after epeirogenic movement and erosion rises as forms of roots of large structures."

– Prof. James J. Griffith, excerpts from an unfinished book

'Seed of Metals' deviate from the shifting 'Epeirogenic movement' (epeiros, land and genesis, birth), a natural phenomena of long wavelengths of upheavals or depressions of the earths crust.

The installation consists of a strange loop machine, 16 mm film, high-fired bricks of erosion and drawings. A work created in response to Jonsson's research findings, traveling in one of the largest iron producing regions in the world. Visiting re-vegetation instituts, national parks, large-scale open-pit mines and industrial facilities in the Iron Quadrangle region, in south-east Brazil.

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