Water Extraction, Geneva
Water extracts, modified found light bulbs, light source

Water Extraction, Geneva – Rhône: 02.11.2009, Water Extraction, Geneva – Rain: 02.11.2009, Water Extraction, Geneva – Arve: 02.11.2009

The work looks at the impact climate change is having on the glaciers and the changes it brings with it. A glacier is important for freshwater storage, while glaciers also can be regarded as reservoirs for
the production of electricity through their seasonal water flow. The project focuses on the melting of the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland, which over the past ten years has lost 6% of its mass. The raising temperatures in the region have a strong influence on the seasonal runoff regime of the alpine streams, where the Rhone glacier runoff is the main water source for the largest freshwater reservoir in Europe, Lake Geneva.

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Water extraction, Geneva - Rain: 02.11.2009

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Water extraction, Geneva - Rhône: 02.11.2009
Water extraction, Geneva - Arve: 02.11.2009