Archive of 134 seas
2010 – Ongoing

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To Whom it might concern to help

Both are life giving, both can be seen is an artistic research project with aim to unify the globe's 134 seas in an archive of natural water. It is a versatile project,
relying on collaboration in which the artist collects vials of natural water, sampled and sent from contributive persons and organisations from different geographical
cavities around the world. The archive consist of natural water extracts, vials, mailed envelopes/parcels and documentation with records of: type of sample, name
of collector and date and place of the samples origin.

The water sample might for example derive from the ocean, a lake, ice, snow or a pond. Depending on the collectors representational idea of the place as source
of natural water (country, town, environment, historical perspective, interest).

50-100ml of natural water, one sample/or several from different sources (excluded from distilled, tap or bottled water).
Sampled from the collectors preference of being the most natural/origin site. I.e. from boat, town, forest, harbor, lake, river, spring, shoreline, rain, snow, ice ...

Collect the water in a clean vial/container/plastic bag that can be sealed and survive being exposed to mailing conditions and/or customs service.

Post the vial with water in a sealed strong envelope/parcel.
Mark the backside with your name, date of sample, water type and which site the sample is taken from (sea/town/country) and send it to:

Cecilia Jonsson
Solheimsgaten 66
5054 Bergen

The water and name of contributors will be clearly displayed in the archive records and future exhibitions. If you have further questions, or if you want to be a part
of the project while can’t support the mailing expenses send an e-mail to:

Yours sincerely,
Cecilia Jonsson