Both are Life Giving, Both can be Seen (Archive of 134 seas)
2010 – ongoing
Archive of natural water extracts, recycled light bulbs, text, parcels, light, micro controller, sound

The installation consists of 73 light bulbs, equally positioned in a horizontal line stretched across three walls. Each light bulb displays one unique sample of natural water and is supplied with a light-source which respond to low frequencies in the sound composition. In a separate room are the mailed parcels, letters and containers on display that together with a catalogue of participants reveals the waters origin. Sampled in a clean and solid container, the water extracts derives from a natural water source, chosen by a collector of contacted people and organisations around the world and mailed to the artist via ordinary mail.

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Installation view
Dimensions variable

Water: The Indian Ocean
Collected by Santjie du Toit and Amanda Kritzinger, Team SANAE 47
Umdloti beach, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Collected by Malin Stenberg de Serves, Swedish Polar Research Secretary
Antarctic, Ptogbreen
Water: Tevere river
Collected by Ingrid Skarprud
Italy, Rome

Installation view
Dimensions variable

Water: The Potomac river, Great Falls
Collected by Katie Lannon and Andy Schrader
Washington DC, United States

Ice: Vatungen, Bay of Bothnia
Collected by Gunlög and Peter Wiss
Jakobstad, Finland

Water: The Battersea park lake
Collected by Julia Kubik
London, United Kingdom